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Building Civil Society After the Arab Spring: Progress, Challenges, Needs

The ninth annual roundtable conference of the AACR explored the accomplishments remaining challenges and needs for continued reform effort for civil society and democratic governance in the Middle East. Several elements of reform were focal points: the role of social media, particularly for engagement of youth and the broader public; the relation of economic and political change and the role of business, especially SMEs, and the role of "outsiders" in helping civil society take root and flourish. Stephen Grand, Director of the Saban Center, Brookings Institution project on U.S. Relations with the Muslim World, provided an initial overview that helped direct the ensuing discussion, Farah Pandith, the U.S. envoy to the Muslim World, delivered energizing keynote remarks. Danya Greenfield, Deputy Director of the Rafik Hariri Center of the Atlantic Council, concluded the discussion with an analysis of future policy implications for the U.S. and other states of current reform efforts.

For full report on conference click here

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