There is a general perception that many people preach but few practice when it comes to the performance of Civic Responsibility. However, at least a few like-minded people should concentrate efforts to practice and preach in a way that expresses full commitment to their convictions. Furthermore, we should all pledge together that we will try our best to become model citizens and loyal residents of this blessed land, the United States of America.US Flags

Let us become loving parents, caring neighbors, loyal taxpayers, hardworking employees, honest businesspeople, visionary educators, and courageous government officials with high standards of ethics and values. Thus may we become dedicated and responsible citizens and residents of the United States of America.

Volunteerism and patriotism are two major virtues that promote the fulfilling of civic responsibility among people. All model citizens should undertake, on their own initiative, to develop voluntary and patriotic activities that will benefit their own communities as well as the entire nation. When members of the general public and elected or appointed government officials work above and beyond the call of duty to serve their communities and country, the entire society will be enriched with tangible benefits. These benefits include a mitigation of crime, drug abuse, employment discrimination, racial and religious bigotry, human exploitation by vested interests, apathy and complacency in the electoral process, lack of discipline among youths, destruction of the environment, child abuse, ethnic and linguistic intolerance, corporate corruption, irresistible jealousy, and other areas of social decay. Stated simply, we can produce a better society by promoting the general interests of the public and the nation through the performance of our civic responsibilities.

In order to achieve the goal of a better society, we must become an integral part of an invisible but invincible movement. The Association of Americans for Civic Responsibility (AACR) is this movement, characterized by a shared conviction of all those who have discovered a common ground in recognizing the need and in feeling the desire to bring about this better society with compassion and character through performance of our civic responsibilities as citizens and residents of the United States of America.