Our Mission

The Association of Americans for Civic Responsibility (AACR) seeks to educate and encourage individuals, institutions, organizations, and businesses to advance the commonweal (the public good) through acts of civic responsibility. The challenge before us is to engage all peoples and groups from all sectors of life in the United States of America.AACR is an inclusive association of US citizens, non-citizen American residents, various associations, non-profit organizations, forums, clubs, foundations, ethnic and cultural associations, educational institutions, business corporations and firms, and professional and trade groups, from the smallest to the largest in the United States. Learn More...

Our Commitment

There is a general perception that many people preach but few practice when it comes to the performance of Civic Responsibility. However, at least a few like-minded people should concentrate efforts to practice and preach in a way that expresses full commitment to their convictions. Furthermore, we should all pledge together that we will try our best to become model citizens and loyal residents of this blessed land, the United States of America. Learn More...

Our Objectives

AACR will organize educational programs, including workshops, seminars and conferences, on personal civic responsibility at local, state, and national levels for youth leaders across the United States. Learn More...

  • Coming Together in the Age of Division – Future of American Participatory Democracy

    The Washington DC based Association of Americans for Civic Responsibility (AACR) in association with The George Mason University Department of Communication Insight Committee held its Bi-annual Roundtable on “Coming together in the Age of Division - Social Media, Civic Engagement and the Future of American Participatory Democracy” at George Mason University’s Fairfax campus on October 2, 2019.

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